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Fifth force (Superforce) of nature was opened by Vladimir Leonov in 1996

Leonov V. S. Quantum Energetics. Volume 1. Theory of Superunification. Cambridge International Science Publishing, 2010, 745 pages. http://www.cisp-publishing.com/acatalog/info_54.html
Chapter 1. Fundamental discoveries of the space-time quantum (quanton) and superstrong electromagnetic interaction (SEI):

“Ginzburg clearly understood that the problem of Superunification lies in the fifth force but made the serious error in its formulation: ‘Physicists know that the micro- and macroworld are controlled by four forces. The attempts to find the fifth force have been unsuccessful for more than 50 years. The physicists realise that they are looking for something incredibly weak that has been eluding detection so far (Vestnik RAS vol. 9, No. 3, 1999, p. 200). In fact, in order to combine the four fundamental interactions (forces): gravitation, electromagnetism, nuclear and electroweak forces, the fifth force is essential. However, dear Vitalii Lazarevich, to combine these forces, they must be governed by the fifth force: any schoolboy knows that: in ‘in order to subordinate a force, an even greater force is required’. This is the golden rule of physics. In order to subordinate nuclear (strong) interactions, it is necessary to have a force which is greater than the nuclear force. So what is the force you are referring to, saying that ‘it is something incredibly weak?’. There is for example the electroweak force, i.e., we are discussing the fifth force as the superweak force. However, this force is not capable of combining all other forces. For this reason, you have not been able to create the theory of Superunification because no accurate concept of unification has been developed.

Superunification requires the Superforce. The well-known English theoretical physicist and science populariser Paul Davis devoted his popular book ‘Superforce’ in this problem, claiming: ‘Entire nature, in the final analysis, is governed by the effect of some Superforce, manifested in different ‘hypostases’. This force is sufficiently powerful to create our universe and provide it with light, energy, matter and the structure. However, the Superforce is something greater than simply something creating the beginning. In the Superforce, matter, space-time and interaction are combined into the indivisible harmonic whole generating such unity of the universe which previously no one assumed’. [Davies P., Superforce. The search for a grand unified theory of nature, New York, 1985]. It can be seen that not all the physicists in the world shared Ginzburg’s views. I find it surprising why Davies, who correctly formulated the concept of the Superforce more than 10 years prior to the discovery of the quanton – the particle of the carrier of Superforce – did not do this instead of me. This could have been done by Einstein who accurately formulated  the concept of the unified field whose carrier is also the quanton. The unified Einstein field cannot be separated from the Superforce.”

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